Artist In Residence

Artist in Residence (Manor House). Digital, May 2020

Here’s a quick digital doodle. It’s a beginner’s exercise in Krita, a most excellent digital painting program, and a welcome vehicle to show off and enjoy some wonderful Art Deco or Art Deco-esque typefaces.

This leads to the most wonderful architectural drawings from House Planning by Wooster Bard Field, Architect, A.I.A., Professor of Engineering Drawing, The Ohio State University, McGraw-Book Company Incorporated, New York & London, 1940. These guys have a few page samples from the book, worth a look:

Otherwise nothing special here, but learned quite a bit about image retouching and general operations in Krita.

Zehn Mark

Zehn Mark (1963-1990), Special Coronavirus edition. Ink on paper, 240 x 100 mm, April 2020

I thought the El-Dinero series was done with, but two is poor number of legs to stand upon as any vertically challenged or drunk person will confirm.

So here is number three, the German Tenner in the 1963-1990 edition, depicting a portrait of a Beardless Young Man by German Renaissance painter Lucas Cranach the Elder, formerly attributed to his contemporary Albrecht Dürer.

Zehn Mark
Ink on paper, 240 x 100 mm
April 2020

Cinquante Francs

The rather beautiful 50 Francs banknote from 1947 has also received a recent update.

Cinquante Francs (1947, 2020)
Ink on paper, 208 x 128 mm

The original banknote shows astronomer and mathematician Urbain Le Verrier, who now embarks on another carrier path.

Ten Quid

Ink on paper, 130 x 70 mm, April 2020

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort – Jane Austen.

Ink on paper, digital post-processing.
April 2020

Darling Residence


Darling Residence, Kensington Gardens London W2

pencil and marker pen on paper,
November 8, 2019

I love the typical lose sketchy style of garden design drawings. A nice little thing to relax to, I think there might be more of these a-coming.

The Light Fandango

After watching a BBC edutainment piece about the Arts and Crafts movement in Britain around 1900, I was inspired to these two pieces.

The Light Fandango (Week 04/2019) was inspired by the most beautiful magazine covers of the time, The Light Fandango (Wanted) just happened thereafter.

The Light Fandango.
Two pieces, ink on paper, February 2019

One World

one world owl

One World Series

Digitally printed lino cutting.

Each is a genuine lino cut, approximately A6 in size. The cut lino is scanned, mirrored, then “lasso” selected in image processing software (I use Gimp). The “lasso” selection preserves the natural randomness without ink-stained fingers. The selection is then filled with a gradient, a canvas texture is applied, cut out and pasted onto a new white canvas of the same size. Voila!

Digital lino prints, and I am well pleased with this invention.




A mosaic made from colour pencil and lead pencil cuts, approximately 12 x 16″.

February 2012

The likeness isn’t great but the thing is such a mad labour of love that I still look at it often.


The Soup Chef

The Soup Chef

Acrylics on canvas board, 12 x 16″
~ 2004

Definitely one of my very first attempts. I had read a Frida Kahlo biography at the time, perhaps that explains some.

Olivia And Bernd At Home

Olivia And Bernd At Home, Ink and watercolour on paper, June 2003

The line drawing is by guest artist Olivia Dowling, whose present whereabouts are sadly unknown. Colouring by Bernd.

Olivia and Bernd at Home.
Ink and watercolour on paper, June 2003

This little thing is of outstanding importance because Olivia’s visit, this doodle and many other conversations around the visual arts turned this whole thing on for me and made me try out oil paints for the first time.