Zehn Mark

Zehn Mark (1963-1990), Special Coronavirus edition. Ink on paper, 240 x 100 mm, April 2020

I thought the El-Dinero series was done with, but two is poor number of legs to stand upon as any vertically challenged or drunk person will confirm.

So here is number three, the German Tenner in the 1963-1990 edition, depicting a portrait of a Beardless Young Man by German Renaissance painter Lucas Cranach the Elder, formerly attributed to his contemporary Albrecht Dürer.

Zehn Mark
Ink on paper, 240 x 100 mm
April 2020

Cinquante Francs

The rather beautiful 50 Francs banknote from 1947 has also received a recent update.

Cinquante Francs (1947, 2020)
Ink on paper, 208 x 128 mm

The original banknote shows astronomer and mathematician Urbain Le Verrier, who now embarks on another carrier path.

Ten Quid

Ink on paper, 130 x 70 mm, April 2020

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort – Jane Austen.

Ink on paper, digital post-processing.
April 2020