Oil on canvas, 300 x 500 mm

The fourth part of the Swan Lake Quadriptych.

The name is chosen as the best fit for the subject and in no reference to our neighbour by the same name.


3422 C (6192 F)

3422 C (6192 F)

Oil on canvas, 12 x 16 ”
My records say August 25th, 2014, but that can’t be quite right. I’d date this 2008 or earlier.

It’s the melting point of Tungsten, if memory serves me right.


Hieroglyphics Frieze

Oil on bamboo floorboards,
90 mm x 3680 mm
August 2008

I am a proud owner of a genuine home-made ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics frieze. Starting out with almost four meters in August 2008 it now measures seven meters, and makes it around the sitting room half way. Way to go!

Borneo (Detail View)

Detail Of Borneo

Oil on canvas, 300 x 1000 mm
January 2008

We went on a nature exploration trip through Borneo in one of our our first trips to south-east Asia, and we loved every minute of it.

This detail of Borneo still adorns out kitchen to this day.

Somewhere In Devon

Oil on Bamboo floorboard, 3.5×36″

Somewhere In Devon

Oil on bamboo floorboard, 3.5 x 36″
July 2007

I quite like these panorama paintings. They really started out because we had a pack or two of those tongue-and-groove floorboards left over, these from the loftconveration aka my study aka my studio. They sit on a door frame or elsewhere on top of the picture rail and have the adorable attribute of being overlooked. These are very shy paintings, not pushing themselves into the foreground at all. That’s something I really like about them.