The Soup Chef

The Soup Chef

Acrylics on canvas board, 12 x 16″
~ 2004

Definitely one of my very first attempts. I had read a Frida Kahlo biography at the time, perhaps that explains some.

Timothy Leary Is Dead

Timothy Leary Is Dead
(Hoppe Hoppe Reiter)

Oil on canvas board, 300 x 400 mm

One of my first oil paintings, and still a household favourite 15 years later as I write (and back-date) this note.

This is also known asĀ Hoppe Hoppe Reiter because it was once exhibited as a huge print in the Truman Brewery, east London, as part of an event sponsored by Hewlett Packard. They required that the letters H and P appear in the works title, so we got a little creative with the title.

Olivia And Bernd At Home

Olivia And Bernd At Home, Ink and watercolour on paper, June 2003

The line drawing is by guest artist Olivia Dowling, whose present whereabouts are sadly unknown. Colouring by Bernd.

Olivia and Bernd at Home.
Ink and watercolour on paper, June 2003

This little thing is of outstanding importance because Olivia’s visit, this doodle and many other conversations around the visual arts turned this whole thing on for me and made me try out oil paints for the first time.

Don Giovanni, Frida and I

Don Giovanni, Frida and I

Watercolour on paper, approximately A4

One of my earliest works, clearly influenced by a Frida Kahlo biography which I read at the time. Don Giovanni is our (then) cat, who only dreamed of mice but never caught one.

The waterscape is in reference to the Day Skipper sailing course, which I completed at the same time in rough weather in the Solent.